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Nashville Locksmith we make keys to cars when all keys are lost or stolen. we install locks repair locks program car keys and more. Were located in Nashville Tennessee in Rivergate Mall just outside of macys in a kiosk.goodlettsville locksmith located inside rivergate mall we make keys to cars change locks we service teh entire goodlettsville area we will come to your location if you have locked your keys inside your car and let you in. we can come to your home and change the existing locks on your house or rental property. we also offer master key service which is great for lanlords and realestate agents who want one key to fit all locks. nashville locksmith also can make you a brand new key when your keys are lost or stolen. nashville locksmith will program your new key into your cars computer syste.nashville locksmith services the entire hendersonville area. we make keys to cars change locks on houses. hendersonville locksmith service offers emergency lockout service through out the hendersonville area. we can come to your hendersonville home and change the locks or repair your lock. hendersonville locksmith is oe of the most affordable locksmiths in hendersonville.nashville locksmith service also serves the entire madison area. were located inside rivergate mall. we make keys to cars. madison locksmith make keys to car doors. madison locksmith also services the entire madison tennesse area with our speciality emergency lockout service.nashville locksmith company services the entire greenbrier area. greenbrier locksmith company specilizes in making keys to foreign cars. greenbrier locksmith offers a 24 hour emergency lockout service. call greenbrier locksmith company today to get a free estimiate from one on our professional locksmith's.nashville locksmith services the entire springfield area. springfield locksmith offers 24 hours a day mobile service. springfield locksmith has an emergency lockout service that covers all of springfield tennessee. springfield locksmith makes keys to just about any car truck or suv. we also program chip keys into your cars computer with a special diognostic machine.
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nashville locksmith program new keys into your cars computer. rivergate mall lock and key shop will come to your location and program a brand new key into your cars computer.
nashville locksmith program transponder chip keys to your cars computer
Nashville Locksmith can program new chip keys into your vehicles computer. Call us today and speak to one of our professional locksmith about what we can do for you. Below you will find tons of useful information about transponder keys.
I don't think My Vehicle has a chip key in it. How can i find out for sure if my car has a program key?

You would be surprised on how many people don't realize that there is a small transponder chip hidden in the head of there key. Even if you car key does not have any buttons on it, that does not mean your car key does not have a chip key hidden inside of the plastic head.

Vehicle manufacturers starting putting transponder (chip keys) into vehicles as far back as the 1980's. Some of the first program keys were made by General Motors and had a little chip right on the side of the key, on the brass part that was visible. This was called the V.A.T.S. System. Since then chips keys have gotten more advanced and car manufactures have been putting chip keys in even more vehciles. If you car was made starting at the year of 1997 and up then there is a high probability that your vehicle has a chip key. But there is still a chance that your car might not have one. Here is a few ways you can check for yourself to see if your car has a transponder chip in it.

  • Red Light - Allot of car models will feature a red flashing light somewhere on the dash area. We have seen these lights close to the radio and all the way over by the air vent on the drivers side, and on top of the dash under the review mirror. If you have a flashing red light then you have a transponder key.
  • Lock icon light on your cluster. - Most GM cars have a rotating light that features oil symbols, water symbols and more that rotate when the car is idle or first started. But also there is a LOCK icon that will be light up orange if the car has a computer chip.
  • Halo - This method is a little difficult for the average car owner. But if you remove the plastic casing around your steering column you will expose the lock and insides of the steering column. There will be a black ring around your lock. This is a transmitter. This transmitter is what sends the signal from your key to the cars computer. If you have this Halo ring around your ignition switch then for sure you have a programmed key.


Why did car manufactures even put transponders in keys?

In the early 1990's insurance company's was threatening not insure most cars anymore. There were way to many cars being stolen and the big insurance company's were losing millions of dollars. The insurance company's told all the top car manufactures like Ford, GM ect. that if they didn't find a security solution that would help prevent so many cars from being stolen then they were going to stop insuring cars.

At the the same time the USA army had been developing transponder chips. These chips work in a three part system.

  1. immobilizer (under your dash) this activates the vehicle by telling it to start.
  2. transponder chip ( inside your key head) carry's the correct code to engage the immobilize
  3. transmitter system (halo) this is the set of wires and systems that sends the signal from the chip inside the key to the immobilizer under your dash, if the transponder sends the correct code that was passed form the key to the immobilizer then the vehicle will start. If not then the immobilizer never activate's the car and it will not start the vehicle.

Car manufactures begin installing these transponder systems into all cars after 1997. They use different variations of this system but all still use this same basic system. As a result of installing these immobilizer systems in today's vehicles, vehicle theft has dropped significantly.

What does the the immobilize control? And can i bypass it?

The immobilzer will send the signal either to the starter or to the fuel pump and keeps one or the other from ever working.. It would be extremely difficult to bypass most cars transponder systems. We have seen older V.A.T.S. systems bypassed but rarely ever have we seen the newer generation transponder systems be bypassed. It would take an very ADVANCED car mechanic or engineer to bypass the newer systems.


My car was starting now it just won't start. Why?

Locksmiths around the globe hear this just about every day. This morning your car started right up. Its night time and now the car is not starting at all. The only thing you can do is start going through process of elimination. The first thing that needs to be checked is the cars starter and the cars fuel pump. If there working fine then you may have a transponder key problem. There are many reasons why the transponder system is keeping your car from starting.

  • The chip inside the key could have went bad.
  • The chip inside the key could of lost its programming code. (this happens sometimes when unhooking the battery)
  • The halo or wires sending the signial has went bad or broke
  • The immobilizer is fried
  • The cars computer is malfunctioning.

If any of these scenarios has happened then there is only one choice that you have. You will have to hire a locksmith to come out and start the process of elimianation and fixing each problem until it is fixed. It can be very hard or even impossible to know which part of the system is malfunctioning. This can get expensive. Sometimes even when all these componets have been properly checked the car still might not start if you have a mechanic problem like a starter out or fuel pump is broken. Locksmiths will charge you even if your car does not start. It is not free to start testing all these components.

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nashville locksmith some of the services we offer inlcudes the following: changing locks, rekeying locks, installing new locks, repairing old worn out locks, fixing broken keys, emergency lockout service, programming new keys into the vehicles computer, master keying locks so one key fits all, installing new locks, fixing broken or worn out keys and more
nashville locksmith located in rivergate mall can program new transponder chip keys into your car truck or vans computer. Most cars from the years of 1997 and up started carrying a little hidden chip in the head of the key. This chip activates either the starter or the fuel pump. If the chip does not match the cars computer then the vehicle will not start. Our 24 hour nashville emergency locksmith service includes coming to your location and hooking a special machine up to your cars diagnostic port and programming a brand new key into your cars computer.
nashville locksmith service can come to your location and make you a brand new key if you have lost or someone has stolen you original keys. nashville locksmith has many ways to make a new key to your vehicle or home. one of the more physical methods of making a new key would be to take the lock off the door or the colum and take the entire lock completely apart. once apart we will then file a key out by hand based on how deep the tumblers are in the lock. once done we will then put the lock back together like new.
nashville locksmith offers an awesome services where we can make a key to your car, pickup truck or van by the cars vin number. We will take the vin number down and text it to a vin code service. the service then gives us all the keys information. we will then make the key based on the information they provide us. the whole process takes less than 5 to 10 minutes. this service can save you valuable time when your in a hurry to get a new key.
nashville locksmith can come to your location and change the locks on your vehicle, house, or busienss. Nashville locksmith will take your lock off your door and change out the tumblers that are inside the lock. This service can save you allot of money as buying a brand new lock can become very exspensive.
nashville locksmith can take your locks off your door and rekey them so one key fits everything. this is called master keying. master keying is great for hotels, realestate agents, and landlords that have many propertys and want one key to fit all the different door locks.
nashville locksmith can install brand new locks on your home or busieness. we can drill all the holes necessary in wood or metal doors. nashville locksmith can install both double sided deadbolts and door knobs.
nashville locksmith lock repair service. nashville locksmith can come to your home or car and often time can repair your broken lock. this can save you allot of money. locks can become very exspensive especially on cars and trucks. nashville locksmith will take the lock apart and repair the lock so there is no need to buy a new lock from the dealership.
nashville locksmith can repair broken keys. sometimes when a key gets bent it can break inside the lock with a little pressure. depending on how much of the key has broken off inside the lock it can become almost impossible to get the key out without special locksmith extractor tools. even then sometimes that doesn't work. the lock has to be taken apart and the broken peice has to be taken out that way.
nashville locksmith ignition swich repairs
nashville locksmith can repair the vehicles door locks.
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